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IFBC EXPO 2018 - Jakarta I


THE 15 TH IFRA 2017

Organisasi Pelaksana : PT Dyandra Promosindo
Tanggal Pelaksanaan : 19 - 21 May 2017
Lokasi Event : Jakarta Convention Center

THE 15TH IFRA 2017
About IFRA 2017

With countinous success of IFRA on it's previous years, this year once again PT Dyandra Promosindo proudly present the international Franchise License & Business Concept Expo & Conference (IFRA) 2017

Established since 1994, Dyandra Promosindo has been a leading professional exhition organizer in Indonesia. Over the years, Dyandra Promosindo has generated an impressive track record of event nationwide

Why You Should Exhibit ?
•  Offering your company to expand the networking value and reach within franchise industry
•  Get a chance to engaged with more than 17.000 potential business partners
•  Build up your franchise business to asia's biggest market
•  Increasing your outlet growth all over the world
•  Recognition of your company's brand

Who Will Attend ?
•  CEO / Owner •  Enterpreneur •  Supplier
•  Franchisor •  College Student •  Pensioner
•  Franchisee •  Employee •  Distributor
•  Foreigner •  Investor    

Event Program
Franchise Conference ( International Franchise Conference)
The Conference will be attended by 100 participants with an international speaker with topic issues is the development of franchise business from all over the world
Business Matching ( IFRA Business Matching )
Business Matching - an activity in which franchise business (franchisor) find other businesses (coorporate) they can do business with buy from, sell to or work as partners with
Meet The Vendor (Table Top)
Meet The Vendor - an activity in which vendors and franchisors will be given opportunities to discuss in a semi formal forum to meet their supply and demands
Business Presentation / Demo Product
The demonstrated program from exhibitor to potential customers / visitor. The goal of such a demo product is to introduce visitors to the franchise business product in hopes of getting deal of the business
Talkshow "How To Start The New Business"
Talkshow will be discuss about how to start the new Business for beginner
IFRA Franchise Awards
There will be three categories of awards to participants are Best Booth, Highest transaction, Best Ad.
Business Night IFRA 2017
Local & Iternational exhibitors in the form of Business Night to introduce their own business with informal discussion
IFRApreneur ( Business Concept Competition )
This program is intended for College students in entrepreneur or business management to guide and educate them in order to create new ideas for the business concept which we will be competed the in the IFRAPreneur Business Concept Competition
Talkshow "How To Start The New Business"
Talkshow will be discuss about how to start the new Business for beginner
Financial Diagnosis
The function of this program is to do BI Checking before process loans to the bank
Celebpreneur Business Talkshow
We will bring practitioners from celebrities about their experience in the development franchise business
Pensioner Seminar
The program for retirement priod who aim to direct them in order to invest in a franchise business

Contact Us
PT Dyandra Promosindo
The City Tower, 7th Floor, Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 81, Jakarta 10310, Indonesia
Phone : +62 21 - 3199 6077
  + 62 21 - 3199 6277


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