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Informasi Bisnis Franchise Super Kids

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Super Kids
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International best practice…Australian curriculum


About Super Kids

Super Kids early childhood centres provide international standard early of services for children from all nationalities and background. In the spirit of making world best practice Australian Early Childhood curriculum available to the widest possible spectrum of parents, the company will continue to offer its curriculum and training to quality childcare centres and kindergartens throughout Indonesia.

pengajar super kidsWhy are we special?

We believe children are naturally active learners seeking to make sense of the world around them, exploring patterns and relationships as they investigate & play with materials, ideas and people. Super Kids early childhood centres provide an atmosphere of excitement & stimulation which motivates children to discover and investigate the world around them.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make the highest standard of quality education, services and information relating to all aspects of early childhood education available and accessible to the general public of Indonesia.

Our Mission

As a provider of early childhood education we aim to establish early childhood education in Indonesia as a true profession with a defined career path for teachers and optimal educational outcomes for families based on the highest standard of quality Australian education delivered in the cultural and social context of Indonesia.

Our Values

Our educational setting facilitates age-appropriate learning by stimulating children to observe, experience, ask and discover aspects of the world around them. We provide lavishly decorated classrooms and challenging playground activities which facilitate enquiry and encourage children to communicate and socialise with teachers and peers.
Our ethos is one of secular modernism in which children are encouraged to grow and develop as individuals within the social context of their peer group and their family; and our focus on inclusive education and individual differences allows us to accept children with intellectual disabilities and different learning styles into our mainstream classes.  We place strong emphasis on social awareness and communication, and we stress the acquisition of appropriate English language skills through our THRASS program of literacy and learning.
We also place a high priority on the inculcation of the values of tolerance and co-operation through games and learning activities which encourage mutual trust an dependence.
By the age of 5, our children are ready for ‘big school’. They have acquired the learning, literacy, numeracy, communication and social skills to function confidently and effectively in a mainstream school setting, and their future cognitive, physical and social development is assured.

suasana super kids

Our Curriculum

Normal Programs

super kids outdoorAt Super Kids children are led to achieve their full potential in each of the 7 Australian National Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) of:

O English
O Health & Physical Education
O Maths
O Arts
O Science
O Studies of Society & the Environement (SOSE) and
O Technology

In explaining the Super Kids curriculum to parents, teachers emphasize how individual children learn and develop. They can be less explicit about what it is that children learn during their early years although this is an equally important part of the preschool curriculum.

The Foundation Learning Areas provide a framework for exploring and reflecting on the content component of the Super Kids curriculum. These areas are based on the view that from birth, children learn about themselves, others, and the world as they engage in ever-widening and increasingly complex contexts. Learning takes place as they make sense of their surroundings and share their understandings of the world and within the 7 KLA’s, children develop basic life skills and competencies in:

O Thinking
O Communicating
O Sense of self and others
O Health and physical understanding
O Social living and learning
O Cultural understanding
O Understanding environment

At Super Kids Kemang we run parallel programs commencing in January and July and coinciding with both the Southern (Australian/New Zealand) and Northern (European/Indonesian/North American) academic years. Unless parents specifically request that their children be held back by 6 months, children enrolling in Super Kids are placed in the following year level groups according to their age at the commencement of the current semester:

O Infants (6 months – 1.5 years old)
O Toddlers with Mums/ ‘TwM’ (1.5 years old – 2 years old)
O Toddlers (2 – 3 years old)
O Jumpers (3 – 4 years old)
O Explorers (4 – 5 years old)

Special Features

Within our normal daily/weekly program we feature the following special activities:

super kids indoorDaily Brain Gym
     Brain Gym is a series of quick, enjoyable and energizing
     activities which allow children to ‘loosen up’ and prepare
     for specific thinking and coordination tasks.

THRASS (Teaching Handwriting Reading and Spelling

     THRASS teaches children from age 3 about the letters,
      speech sounds and spelling choices used in modern English.
      These ‘building blocks’ (phonemes and graphemes) are
      introduced and reinforced through the inter-related skills
      of handwriting, reading and spelling.

>Poems, Stories, Speech and Language
     Reading with a first language teacher promotes the
     development of clearer and more authentic speech and
pronunciation. Story time is valuable for children of any age. It is a time when imagination runs wild. Vocabulary is stimulated and children acquire a sense of metre and rhyme and develop more rhythmic speech patterns.

Gymnastics, Games, Outdoor activities
     Outdoor free-play develops bodily awareness, coordination, balance, teamwork and social

Ball Skills/Activity
     For children of 3 years and over, individual ball skills and (later) team games help to
     develop overall fitness, teamwork, cooperation and gross motor skills.

Art and Textural Exploration
     Tactile play and artwork help to develop fine motor (writing and manipulation) skills
     and stimulate creativity and imagination.
Music and Songs
     Singing, marching and queuing all help to develop audio awareness, rhythm, timing and
     language as well as social skills.

Values Education

For children of 3 and above, stories and discussions about values such as cooperation, kindness and respect form a large part of our reading program. ‘Awareness of self and others’ is a recurring theme in our reading, play acting and group activities. As part of our discussion, we inevitably include the theme of inclusion of children with differences of culture, ability or physical appearance, all of which makes the process of mainstreaming children with differences very much easier and more natural.

Project Work
     Our 4 year olds are encouraged to plan and implement projects involving technology,
     science and number work in order to develop their understanding of logical processes
     (cause and effect), number, sets (like and unlike) and ecology.
Water Safety /Swimming
     Older children, 3 years and above  (with parental permission) are encouraged to take
     part in water safety/survival training as part of our normal weekly program. Children
     are intorduced to flotation and swimming and their technique continues to improve with
     coaching and practice.


Extra Programs

Aside from our regular classes at Super Kids we also offer after-school and vacation programs.  Our after-school programs offer a variety of fun-activity for students such as fun cooking, clay art, jewelry & accessory making, discovery world, ballet, kindermusik, mindlab and swimming classes. Likewise, during the summer holidays we also offer vacation programs.
Our extensive menu of after-school and vacation programs gives preschool and junior primary children from the wider community the opportunity to utilise our 3 amazing playgrounds, our special learners swimming pool and our extensive art and craft facilities.

materi super kids
materi super kids 2
materi super kids 3

Evaluation & Assessment

At Super Kids, evaluation is an on-going process that reflects the child’s competencies.  It is an ongoing process that informs curriculum decisions and provides direction for the program and the learning interaction between teachers and children.  Children, parents and colleagues are involved in this reflective process and evidence of children’s work and progress is recorded in a child’s personal portfolio that is updated regularly.

As learning is a socially constructed process, at Super Kids we believe that children learn best when teachers actively engage with children as they play, observe, explore and engage with people, materials and ideas. Teachers focus on the child’s ‘zone of proximal development’. The teacher then develops and extends the child’s learning by gradually reducing the level of support provided until the child takes more control of the learning process.


Every child is special and every child learns different things at different times and in different ways. Children learn new things each and every day. They are always learning. Sometimes we see how quickly they have grasped a new idea or concept and it amazes us. Sometimes we can’t see how much it is they have learned. For that reason the development of your child may appear to take off and then plateau, or you may sometimes see sudden bursts of new knowledge and it may appear that your child is more advanced than his/her peers. It is quite normal to see children developing either earlier or later than their peers in a certain skill and in most cases it is nothing to worry about. Assessment during early years serves no higher purpose than as a tool for pointing out skills that need to be worked on, or in cases of specific learning disabilities, pinpointing these as early as possible and for these reasons it should not be taken seriously as developments in young children happen so fast, it is not really important when they happen as long as there is no significant delay that will hamper overall development.


Advantages of Super Kids Programs


O Australian curriculum (Queensland - which is regarded as the best state curriculum in
   Early Childhood Education)
O Assessment and reporting to parents using Macquarie First Steps (from Macquarie
   University - Sydney) developmental guidelines
O Australian recommended staffing levels (2.5 children per adult for <1.5 y.o. up to 5 per
    adult for 5.5 y.o.)
    This is the ratio that applied in Super Kids Kemang, starting 2008 :

New Age group
Sub age


6 – 18 mos


2 adults

Toddlers with mum

18 – 24 mos


2 adults *


2 – 3 yrs

@2.0 – 2.5 yrs
@2.5 – 3.0 yrs

1: 3.5
1: 4.5


3 – 4 yrs

@.3.0 – 3.5 yrs
@ 3. – 4.0 yrs

1: 4.5
1: 6


4 – 5 yrs

@4.0 – 4.5 yrs
@4.5 – 5 yrs

1: 6
1: 6

          * depends whether or not there’s Infants class

OAll teachers AND assistants trained to the Australian certificate II level (the
    national standard until 2005)
OTeacher training and curriculum updates by Dr Margaret Shore (Ph.D. and M Ed)
    our lead ECE trainer
OReading, writing and spelling (THRASS) training AND daily Brain Gym by Ms Debbie
   Oakden (Certificate IV from Edith Cowan Uni in WA)
OPrograms at 5 levels from 6 months to 5 years of Infants, Toddlers with mums,
    Toddlers, Jumpers, Explorers
OExtensive vacation and out-of-hours programs (gymnastics, ballet, swimming, drums,
    sporting skills, languages etc).


Franchise Network

Super Kids Information & Training Network (SKIT) package

Since 2006 our Super Kids Information & Training Network (SKIT) has made Australian curriculum and expertise available to larger numbers of preschools and early childhood centres in Indonesia. The original Super Kids Early Childhood Centre in Kemang provides mentoring and work experience for staff in training, and our Kemang Training Centre provides the venue for formal training in Early Childhood Education to teachers and teacher assistants undertaking a Certificate II or other qualification. Training on course documents and advice on the layout and design of new centres is provided on site.

Registering your preschool, TK or kindergarten with our SKIT Network will allow you to bring world best practice early childhood education to your clients and to provide your teachers with Australian early childhood training which is acknowledged to be among the best available. Our Network gives you ongoing access to a full English-language Australian curriculum complete with overviews for every term and weekly lesson plans, allowing Indonesian children a head start to becoming citizens of a wider world.

For only IDR 60 million you receive 2 years of curriculum, planning and support WITHOUT the Annual Fees, Commissions and Royalties of a normal franchise agreement.



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