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17th Franchise License Expo Indonesia 2019 - Jakarta Convention Center

Event Franchise, Bisnis dan Entrepreneurship

International Franchise, License & Business Concept Expo & Conference (IFRA) 2018

Organisasi Pelaksana : Dyandra Promosindo
Tanggal Pelaksanaan : 20-22 Juli 2018
Lokasi Event : Jakarta Convention Center

20 - 22 JULY 2018
Jakarta Convention Center

IFRA as the most prestigious International Franchise, License & Business Concept Expo & Conference in Indonesia which endorsed by Indonesia Franchise Association (AFI). Established since 2002, not only shows the sustainable achievement, IFRA also help the franchise industry to grow rapidly through the years. IFRA will encourage the business player to develop and expand their brand into the global network.

Over the years, Dyandra Promosindo has generated an impressive track records of events nationwide.

Hosted by Indonesia Franchise Association (AFI) and collaboration with partners, IFRA 2018 aiming to bring fresh new concept for business expo and franchising industry.

We make sure not only deliver our annual expo, but also offering our interesting programs as follows; International Franchise Conference, Business Matching, Business Presentation, IFRApreneur Business Concept Competition, IFRA Franchise Award

180 Companies
350 Brands
620 Billion Rupiah


And many more!

Contact Person Organizer :
Raenita Pristiani (irey)
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Kusuma Ardina (Dina)
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Franchise Kako Thai Tea Indonesia ~ Peluang Bisnis Minuman Teh