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Roadshow Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo Jakarta Februari 2024

Event Franchise, Bisnis dan Entrepreneurship

Pameran Info Franchise & Business Concept Expo 2022

Organisasi Pelaksana : PT Neo Expo Promosindo & Asosiasi Franchise Indonesia
Tanggal Pelaksanaan : 17-19 Juni 2022
Lokasi Event : ICE BSD Hall 3A


Entrepreneurs all over the world are now facing its most dynamic times endured in recent memory. There is no doubt that pandemic has disrupted almost the whole supply chain and as a result, changed our lives in unimaginable and unprecedented ways. It has been an incredibly tough time for businesses. We become familiar with adjustments, delayed deals, postponements, changed priorities, and paused investments.

However, after that sudden halt, this pandemic has brought us to a crossroad. Indonesia so far has been praised and acknowledged for taming the pandemic. The outbreak impaired since the government has administered vaccine shot to more than half of the number targeted, concurrently with the government's imposed social restrictions and health protocol. A sustained trade recovery, a revival in manufacturing, and the large national economic recovery budget give optimistic hope that Indonesia will return to its growth trajectory in the coming years.

The role of entrepreneurs to navigate new normal in dire straits is indeed essential. Entrepreneurs see opportunities rather than roadblocks. Every situation is thus a learning experience. Despite unfriendly challenges, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to learn a great deal and bounce back along with the gradual reopening of the economy. Entrepreneur's resilience was honed during the pandemic.

Nothing replaces seeing at the first hand. This year, National Road Show Info Franchise Expo 2022 comes back with a new spirit to enhance entrepreneurs in times of new normal. Road Show IFBC is committed to navigating business expansion through hybrid events. This year, Road Show IFBC Expo 2022 will be held in five emerging cities in Indonesia connecting opportunities, entrepreneurs, and investors to create promising business ventures. Targeted to be attended by 30.000 visitors all over Indonesia, and supported with digital ecosystem, IFBC Expo 2022 remain to be a great platform for your business expansion.

Informasi :
0811-8898-981 & 08111-7474-84

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